Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Day 3 - Crash

Today was a breeze for Chuck, but that doesn't mean he wanted to keep going. Every which way he turned he was crashing into those annoying Rockets. They are easy to deal with but they are everywhere and they are messing with Charles' chance to take a break. He tried to play games at the game corner and there they were. He tried to take a spiritual stroll through a cemetery and there they were. Sometimes our lives are just like Chuck's and no matter how hard we try we can't get away from our challenges... sometimes we need to deal with them head on so we can eventually enjoy a nice day at the Zoo.

I streamed a little of what happened after Charles went through all of that this evening.

Today while biking home from work I crashed. I was distracted trying to see what was on my back wheel making a noise and when I looked up there was the curb. I protected my bike but went over the handle bars. All the layers of skin were tore off the corner of my left palm, my phone corner got a little smashed, and my face got a nasty scrape. Oops... worst part of it all was the 2 miles I still needed to bike home and the embarrassment I felt as my oh so sweet wife cleaned me up. Oh well some days you crash and although it makes you wish life could just pause you get to keep going.

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