Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Day 31 - One Month In

Well, I have been doing this blog and project for a month now! So far I am still going strong! Because this is an anniversary for the project I decided to do things a little different and start with the extra stuff and end with the more normal (albeit shorter today) blog post. That post will be indicated below with a villain picture, so it should be relatively simple to find for those who just want to read that. Without further ado here is the status report:

Me still enjoying Pokémon
How is the project going? Well I have completed 4 games and each of them in 6 days which has been ahead of schedule. I am on track to beat my current game, Pokémon Diamond, either tomorrow or Thursday which will continue my ahead of schedule pattern and will officially be two weeks ahead of my original schedule. That will put my at 5 games done and 29 to go! I have been speeding through this first basic run through of games so that I can relax a little bit when I go through the games more thoroughly with the post-game story and some I am more flexible with the final games next year when I am bound to be feeling a little bit of burnout. Speaking of burnout, so far things have been good. at least one part of each game has been a struggle to want to get through, but overall I have been enjoying myself. The charm of the Pokémon and the games' storylines have kept me engaged.

To my surprise the most fun part of this entire experience has been blogging and sharing about it. I have had fun each evening thinking of a story to tell based on what I have played earlier in the day. It has been a fun challenge to try to create stories and content that can be appreciated by both Pokémon fans and Tanner fans alike. I have also enjoyed getting my feet a little wet in the world of Podcasting, though to be honest it is a little bit frustrating how few listens the 2 episodes that are already up have gotten. To be honest that is partially my fault as I still need to do the work to get it onto iTunes and other popular podcast streaming services such as Stitcher and Spotify. I still hope to have a monthly non gameplay streaming video to post to Youtube, but I need to find the time and balance before I will ever be able to make that a reality. I also want to stream gameplay more regularly. Clearly there are still many things for me to work on. Perhaps after I get through the first full batch of games at the end of this year I will be able to find the time to do some of those extra things.

Outside of Pokémon it has been a fairly eventful month. I crashed my bike, grew a beard for the first time in 2 or 3 years, was sick for 2 weeks, and so many more things. Both things small and large to me in my life. This weekend will be mine and Alissa's 6th wedding anniversary, which to me is a little insane. I honestly can say that our most recent year of marriage has been the best and I love my wife dearly. This Friday is Alissa's birthday, so as a gift to her I will not be writing for the site or playing any Pokémon that day. Frankly, I am a little excited to have that break.

Cyrus from Team Galactic
Here is the more regular post: We are receiving reports that the Galactic Cult leader has been proven a fallible man and thus a fraud in the eyes of many of his followers. Perhaps Cyrus will soon admit his falsehoods to the world. The surprising part of these reports is that some of them are saying the criminal Russell is responsible for knocking Cyrus down. This cannot be true and once we uncover the truth we will report it!

Anywho... thanks for reading this rambling one month in progress report post along with the regular daily story post. As is usual I am open to suggestions for the blog and project and any feedback; I truly appreciate it if you would share my project with someone you might think would find it fun or interesting. I am also always looking for people to collaborate with. Well that is this and this is that for me tonight, Play Hard and Train On!

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