Thursday, October 24, 2019

Day 26 - A Serial Criminal

Russell has struck again. He had last been spotted being confronted by his pursuer, Dawn, and his original victim, Professor Rowan, in Jubilife City. It is suspected that had a few Galactic zealots (of whom Russell seems to be cozy with) not interfered that Russell would have been apprehended then, but alas it was not so. It is also rumored that he was involved in the recent energy crisis at Valley Windworks. Most recently Russell held local business owner Rad Rickshaw of Eterna City's sweet Pokémon, Clefairy, hostage! The owner of Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop felt he had no option but to pay the ransom and give Russell, the now serial offender, the bicycle he demanded. In related news we are now getting reports that Russell has challenged and defeated two of the Sinnoh League's gyms which proves that he is becoming quite a formidable trainer. Residents of Sinnoh should be warned that Russell is a dangerous trainer and if seen the authorities should be notified immediately. Russell was last seen heading South from Eterna City and is suspected to be headed to Hearthome City.

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