Friday, October 25, 2019

Day 27 - A Team for What Job

Russell was seen returning to the scene of one of his former crimes. He was observed there capturing one of the most devious of Pokémon, Drifloon the child kidnapper. He used a vile Stunky and the fossil Cranidos to weaken the creature before securing it in one of his Poké Balls. Unfortunately Russell was gone by the time the authorities arrived on site. This scene makes us wonder what crime Russell is preparing for in cultivating a team of these types of Pokémon. Anyone who trains a Pokémon with criminal tendencies such as Drifloon should be viewed as suspect. Combine that with his choice to train the nefarious and foul Stunky who's stench could only be tolerated by the evilest of hearts and his training of reanimated Pokémon who only days ago were dead stone. What use could someone have for a kidnapper Pokémon, a pest Pokémon, and a zombie Pokémon? We guarantee you nothing good!

I've been feeling quite a bit better for most of this week, which has made it a busy catch up week. I do still have a cough though. One coworker scolded me this week for coming in to the office while still having such a disruptive cough. I was a little caught off guard by this comment! I probably cough once or twice every 15 minutes (and every time I laugh of course). I am not sick anymore, and I am not contagious. I work in an office at a cubicle by myself most of the day. Honestly, if I did not have so many meetings these last few days I might have stayed home for at least a few of them. What do you think? Should I still be working from home until I lose the cough?

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