“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller
Between September 28, 2019 and September 28, 2020 I am attempting to beat every core series Pokémon game. Not just one per set, but every single one; aka not playing Red, Blue, or Yellow but playing Red and Blue and Yellow. Why you might be wondering why, but there is another page explaining that. This page is to invite you to join me in the madness. No need to worry, I am not asking anyone else to do what I am doing to the extreme I am doing it. However, I would appreciate some company along the way!

I would love it if people would play along with me for a game or two. You don't have to play the same game I am playing over the exact window of time I will be playing that game. But if you happened to play a similar game at a similar time that would be pretty neat. Or you could create your own version of this challenge, perhaps attempting to play one game from each generation within a year or playing all of the games that take place in a certain region.

I am hoping to have at least one person other than myself play (and complete) each of the games. If you join me you can tweet your progress @AllGamesProject and/or with the hashtag #YearofPokemon, in fact you can go to that hashtag now and see the tweets of other participants (if the exist) because we are co-opting the old hashtag for our project's use. You can also join the discord server to get tips and discuss what is going on in your game!

As a part of this project I also would love to feature other participants on this site. If you decide to participate feel free to reach out at with a summary of your rules and a brief write up of part of your experience or why you would like to participate, and I will post your story. I might also invite you on the semi-weekly podcast to share and discuss what we are playing.

So? What do you say? Would you like to participate? If so, use the form below to make a pledge to play, and I will add you to the list of participants to help others find and support you in reaching your goal.

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