How? (Rules)

Here are the earlier promised (self imposed) rules. I have split the rules into 3 categories: Macro Rules, Pokémon Teams Rules, and Blog rules. The rules, are intended to help me to fully experience these games and all they have to offer while not becoming a boar of a human, in order of priority are:

A. Macro Rules
  1. Try to have fun!
    • That is kind of the point of this whole project after all.
  2. Do not neglect family, work, or other life improvement goals and projects.
    • The thing that really makes this a difficult challenge is that my time to commit to this each day is fairly limited.
  3. Become the Champion in every game and complete the post-game story in at least one game from each set.
  4. Avoid excessive level grinding, lest this whole entire process becomes a nightmarish slog.
B. Pokémon Teams Rules
  1. All primary team Pokémon (6 Hall of Fame entrants) and final team Pokémon must be trained from earliest stage to their final evolution.
    • An additional 7th Pokémon to be swapped in on occasion may be trained, if trained this Pokémon is part of the final team.
  2. Train only one of any specific Pokémon across all my final teams. 
    • With the exception of Pokémon marked by * below and even than no more than two and only when necessary.
  3. Train a full team of 6 Pokémon with no repeating types in each game.
    • All available types must be represented across each set of games.
  4. In early game 1 (or up to 2) temporary Pokémon may be caught and trained before final team members are obtained, these Pokémon do not need to meet typical rule requirements. 
    • The aforementioned 7th alternate Pokémon may duplicate a type, but should comply with all other rules.
  5. When possible have one of each of the following game specific kinds of Pokémon on each game's primary (or final) team. 
    1. Starter Pokémon*
    2. True Game-Exclusive Pokémon
      • True implying Pokémon introduced in the game's region
    3. Gift Pokémon from an NPC*
    4. Egg Pokémon received from an NPC
    5. In-Game Trade Pokémon*
    6. In-Game Event intractable Pokémon*
    7. Pokémon revived from a new Fossil
      • New referring to new when the game was released
    8. Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon
  6. HM slaves should be avoided whenever reasonable, instead team members or the former temporary Pokémon should be taught HM moves.
  7. All Pokémon must have nicknames.
C. Blog Rules
  1. Two day rule applies to blog posts.
    • I will try to post daily but will at least not let two days pass without making some type of update.
  2. Each game will have a blog page detailing my progress.
  3. At least once a month I will write an article exploring my experience or other things Pokémon.
  4. Occasionally find a friend to share my experiences with over a Podcast conversation.
  5. Figure out streaming and do it at least once during this Project.
This is it for now. I might make minor amendments to these rules in the future, but overall these should suffice. If you have any questions about any of the rules feel free to comment those down below or tweet them to me @AllGamesProject.

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