Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Day 25 - Pokémon Diamond Begin

Who is Russell? Just a carefree kid from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh Region, that stole two Pokémon from the prestigious Professor Rowan. How long will this criminal dodge justice? It seems the Professor has dispatched his assistant, Dawn, to corral the culprit.

This just in! This just in! It turns out Russell did not act alone! His neighbor and childhood friend Barry aided him in the heist, and it seems the two have divided the spoils each taking a Pokémon for themselves. With reports of the Galactic Cult becoming increasingly involved in criminal activity will the authorities have the bandwidth to also apprehend these two young delinquents.

This is the longest game I have come across so far. I have 10 days budgeted which should be plenty of time. My rush goal is to beat the game in a week to give me 3 more days to spread across later games in my schedule. I am finally feeling better so hopefully this is a manageable goal.

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