Saturday, October 5, 2019

Day 7 - Pokémon Gold Begin

Hans never really felt at home in New Bark Town. If he was honest with himself he always felt out of place generally. Growing up he frequently asked himself "What is my place in the world?". Today his neighbor Professor Elm asked him to run an errand and gave him a Pokémon, a Cyndaquil whom Hans named Tallow. While running the errand Hans met a nice old man named Sam. Sam gave him a Pokédex and told him he had great potential. Hans scoffed at such an idea... Him? Great potential? How could that be?! As he returned home Hans and Tallow defeated a crook in a Pokémon battle and Hans began to wonder if maybe he did have potential and could do great things. It was then that he decided he would set off on an adventure to find himself! With Tallow by his side he was beginning to believe it was possible!

I am 5 days ahead of schedule going in to Pokémon Gold! Which is making me confident in my ability to beat this challenge. I will update the schedule soon with adjustments according to my beating my initial projections for Pokémon Blue. I did not only open Gold today, but I also beat a few gyms you can see that detail on the Pokémon Gold progress and summary page.

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