Thursday, October 3, 2019

Day 5 - Corporate Espionage

Charles woke up this morning with an ambitious goal. To get all three remaining badges he needed for admittance to challenge the Indigo League Elite Four. He was not going to let anything get in the way. I am sure you can imagine his dismay when he arrived at his first gym of the day in Saffron City and was turned away. Something about no gym challenges until the Silph Co. crisis gets resolved. Chuck was livid so he made a beeline to the Silph building to give them a piece of his mind. Upon realizing it was a hostile takeover he mellowed out a bit, only to have his outrage return as he began to talk to talk with the hostages and Silph employees turned terrorists. It turned out the president of Silph Co. had some terrible employee benefit policies and about half the company had assisted in the corporate take over. Chuck began taking notes of all the grievances he was hearing as he made his way to the President's secret office. He even ran into his childhood friend and rival Blue, who apparently had been funding his Pokémon journey by working as a part-time bodyguard for the President of the Silph Co. Blue had just let the Rocket Gang take over without fighting back despite it being his job, according to him the employees all rightfully called their boss the President of Stinko. After ridding the building of the Rocket Gang Chuck gave the Silph Co. Executive a piece of his mind; he gave him the list of grievances and insisted changes be made. The President was not used to being talked to this way by 11 year olds because he burst into tears and promised to make changes immediately. Satisfied Chuck went on his way, got three badges, resurrected a new friend, and prepared to take on the Indigo League.

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