Saturday, October 26, 2019

Day 28 - A Stolen Pokédex

An inside source tells us that acolytes from the Galactic Cult recently stole Professor Rowan's assistant Dawn's Pokédex. When we reached out to Dawn for comment she told us "I would never be so careless as to lose such a valuable research tool." However, when we pushed for further information she let slide this interesting tidbit, "Russell would not allow Team Galactic to get away with something so insidious." What could she mean by saying something like that? Is she in contact with the criminal Russell? Could he have turned over a new leaf or has he dragged the pure Dawn into helping him with his insidious plans? Unfortunately until we get further information we wont be able to know for sure.

Halloween is near. Alissa and I attended a Trunk or Treat party tonight and Alissa dressed up as the mascot of her English teaching company, VIPKID. I dressed up as a teacher for her company. It was a fun activity even if she looked a little scary.

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