Sunday, December 8, 2019

Day 71 - Never Alone

Christine felt like she was never alone on her journey through the Kalos region, which had both its negatives and its positives. It felt like everywhere she went one or more of her friends was there waiting for her or coming to find her. She was never lonely, but sometimes crowded. Overall Christine had gotten used to it and had decided it was better to be crowded than lonely.

I was feeling very sad and hurt last night because of some things that happened to my family in the last week. I expressed my brokenness with a Facebook post last night and wore my black sheep tie as a little outward expression of my hurt loneliness today at church. To my surprise my hurt was seen and heard in the right ways. many people shared their love and care towards me and Alissa today and it was a day that that extra attention and care was sorely needed. If any of you are reading this, thank you for your loving words and actions. In a way you saved me today. Thank you!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Day 70 - Not a Good Plan

Lysandre may be threatening the entire Kalos Region, but Christine knew he was hardly a threat. He was an idiot, who was using the legendary Xerneas (the Life Pokémon) in his quest to eliminate humanity across the world. But Xerneas is a life bringer, not a life taker. All using Xerneas to power the Ultimate Weapon would do is bring further life and potentially immortality to Kalos. For an evil genius, his plan is not a good plan.

I have no motivation to blog further tonight. I must be overwhelmed contemplating my impending immortality.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Day 68 - True Colors

Early on her adventure Christine had met Dexio and Sina. They had been very kind to her and not overbearing like some of her other new friends. Christine really liked them and had spent a decent amount of time with them and had helped them when they needed it. Recently though, Christine had really needed some help dealing with Team Flare at the Power Plant and had asked them to for that help. They told her they would help but they did not show up until the problem was dealt with, at which point they acted like they had been helpful and talked about how much Christine owed them for helping her. At first Christine gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were joking, but she knew they weren't they just did not value her the way she had valued them.  They had shown her their true colors. Christine was hurt and she kind of wished she had not asked for their help, so she could have continued believing they were her friends.

I am lucky right now to have a lot of really good and real friends that I can go to with and about anything. It is probably my favorite part about my current life situation. I love you friends!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Day 67 - All Talk

Callum was really beginning to get on Christine's nerves. He was always talking. He would talk about the Mega Evolution research. He would talk about how good his parents were at training Pokémon. He would talk about how much he loved Kalos. He would talk about their friends. He would even talk about how great he was. Talking about those things is not an issue in itself, but all Callum does it talk and Christine was getting exhausted.

Sometimes I worry my friends feel this way about me. I know my family does on occasion. Anyways I am struggling to stay on schedule with this game, despite initially thinking I could use this game to be ahead of schedule. Oh well!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Day 66 - Welcome

Christine's new friends were doing everything they could to make her feel welcome in Kalos. But they were perhaps being a little too welcoming... Everywhere she went one of her friends was there telling her something or asking her to do something. It was very kind but Christine was beginning to feel claustrophobic and kind of wanted to spend some time by herself. The thing is she did not know how to ask for space without upsetting her new friends.

I never feel this way. I usually want more time with my friends and am probably the one they want space from. What can I say, I am a textbook extrovert. People give me energy.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Day 64 - Pokémon X Begin

Christine had been both excited and nervous about moving to the Kalos region. Excited because she had only heard wonderful things about Kalos and how beautiful it was, and nervous becuase she was worried she would have difficulty making friends there. When she arrived she was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by 4 kids around her age and to be gifted a Pokémon, Froakie, by her mothers old friend and the region's professor, Professor Sycamore. Christine and her new friends immediately made plans to tour the region so Christine could experience its majesty personally.

These games are when Pokémon made the leap into 3D for the first time. Although I loved the ctyle and character of the generation 5 art, it is a captivating transition. At this point I am just over 2 months into this project and I have already completed 8 games, so about a game a week. I completed the first 4 games ahead of schedule and the back 4 I completed roughly on time. Which means I am still ahead of schedule overall which bodes well for the entirety of the project. Here's to another 10 months and 26 games of smooth playing!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Day 63 - Mark

Mark belonged. He belonged with his Pokémon and in Unova and with his family and so many other places. He always had, he just could not see that for a little while. Now that he had defeated the new Team Plasma that belonging was no longer threatened, and now that he was the Unova champion he had no reason not to return home and enjoy the company of those he really belonged with.

The real Mark was my great grandfather. I have never heard my Grandma say a negative word about her father, and she loves to talk about him. She had stories upon stories about how good of a father he was, about how handsome he was, about his kindness, etc. Mark was born in 1905 and like many of my ansectors lived nearly his entire life in Utah. He lived in Kanosh Utah to be more specific. He got married when he was 25. Mark died fairly young at only 60 years. Because he is only one generation removed I will soon call my Grandma and ask her to share with me briefly about his life for one of the podcast episodes. Pictured on the left is him with his sweetheart Nina, the second namesake (coming up in a few games) that I actually had the chance to meet in my lifetime.