Monday, October 28, 2019

Day 30 - Meeting Among Enemies

And that concludes our report on the explosion at Lake Valor. In other news, the criminals Russell and Barry have been spotted meeting with the victims of their original sin, Professor Rowan and his young assistant Dawn, at the Canalave Library. The meeting was seemingly cordial without any further crimes being reported. Why would these two upstanding citizens of Sinnoh sit down with the boys who stole their Pokémon? Could the crime have been an attempt at insurance fraud? Are these wayward boys turning over a new leaf? Have they stolen something else from either Dawn or the Professor that they are holding for ransom? Is the professor employing these children for a nefarious deed of his own? Could the boys be trying to convince the professor to help them with a heist? When we reached out to the Rowan Pokémon Research Lab they declined to comment on the meeting.

Last night Alissa told me she missed me. So, I put down my Nintendo DS and decided then I would not make a post for the day. One of my top rules is to not neglect my family and responsibilities which is also one of the reasons I am holding myself to a two day rule for blog posts to give myself that kind of autonomy.

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