Monday, October 7, 2019

Day 9 - One in Five Hundred

The odds were against him, but ever since battling a trainer with a Horsea and hearing about its elusive Dragon evolution Hans had to try. After his inspiring journey yesterday, Hans had the motivation to try to catch one. He headed to the Whirl Islands with the intent of catching a Horsea holding a Dragon Scale, only 1 of every 500 Horsea hold them. On average he would need to encounter 50 Horsea before encountering one holding a Dargon Scale. Imagine his surprise when the 9th Horsea he encountered was a beautiful female holding a Dragon Scale. The odds of encountering one within the first 9 Horsea a trainer finds is approximately 17%. To cap things off Hans caught Karen (as he nicknamed her) with his first thrown Great Ball. With luck that good Hans was considering returning to the Game Corner in Goldenrod.

Probability is everything, but when it comes to things that are important to us we should never let the odds get in the way of giving it our best shot. Things may not work out, but they could also work out better than you had expected. The important thing is to have reasonable expectations and to enjoy the journey as you work towards your goal, whatever it might be.

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