Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Day 18 - One Last Job

When they sent Edward into the cave to save the world they forgot to tell him that saving the world doesn't pay anything. So he forgot to tell anyone how easy it was. He continue forward to the Pokémon League to collect the winnings. Defeating the champion Steven was much harder than Edward had expected, but he did it and the winnings were more than what he needed to get home to Johto. Before their battle Steven had asked Edward a few questions, "What did you see on your journey with Pokémon? What did you feel, meeting so many other Trainers like you? What has awoken in you?" When Edward thought about his answers he realized that while working jobs and traveling throughout the Hoenn region he had truly fallen in love with it. He decided he would need to find another use for his newfound wealth because he was going to stay in his beautiful new home country.

I am still quite ill. Sorry my posting has been lackluster for this game and that there was no championship match stream or recording.

The real Edward was born in the territory Utah and he lived there his whole life. Someday when I am feeling better I will do a proper write up on that great great grandfather of mine.

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