Sunday, October 13, 2019

Day 15 - No Pay

Work as a bodyguard, get paid a Great Ball; retrieve a stolen item, get paid a Great Ball; deliver a sensitive letter, get paid a TM; deliver a package across the sea, get paid nothing; finish clearing a tunnel connecting the two sides of the region, get paid an HM; retrieve a valuable meteorite, get paid a TM; turn off a dangerous generator in an abandoned underground city, get paid a TM... What is wrong with this region? Edward was enraged! Did anyone in Hoenn understand the concept of money and payment for a job well done. Even if he were to sell all the items he had been paid in it would barely recoup his expenses from doing the jobs in the first place. He had been working in Hoenn for 3 straight days and all he had to show for it were 6 Pokémon he could take back to Johto with him. Edward needed a new plan to make the money for that one way ticket and he needed it fast or he was going to be trapped in Hoenn with his parents for a long time...

I took an allowed skip day and did not post yesterday. I am still pretty sick and did not want to look at a computer screen before bed.

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