A New Plan

As of January 25th 2020 I have completed one of each pair (or set) of Pokémon games. Within 4 months I have completed 15 out of 34 mainline Pokémon games. In other words within 32% of a year I have finished 44% of the games included in my stretch goal. Given I am well ahead of schedule, at this point it is safe to say that I can complete all of the games on my list within my original timeline. However, if I did continue with my current timeline I do not think I will enjoy the games for very much longer. I have had fun playing the games thus far, but upon finishing nearly each game I have wished I had had more time to more fully experience each game as opposed to just completing them. Experiencing all parts of these games the way I would like to is just not possible at the pace required to meet my initial goal. This is primary reason I am extending my Year of Pokémon project here on AllGamesProject.com through to the end of 2020.

I know that this will make my "Year" 15 months, but I am okay with that. Nothing else about my plan has changed. I am still going to follow the same "rules" and play the same games; I will just have 3 more months to do it. I am also giving myself a day off each month. This has been added to my schedule. Perhaps more than anything this day off is to give Alissa a day where she will not have to fight against Pokémon for my attention. I have scheduled these days, but they are subject to change without notice. This extended schedule will give me more time to develop the stories I tell in the blog, which has been one of my favorite parts of this project so far. It should also allow me to do more extra articles, YouTube videos, and live streams and generally more things like the recent Pokémon Direct Predictions article. My focus of this site is no longer speed but instead enjoyment.

Another reason for my making this change is to give me more time for a new project and website I have started with two friends. It is a film exploration project called Shifting Expectations. We have tried to use primarily quantitative measures to construct a list of 50 must watch movies that can help people to better understand and appreciate film and cinema as art. Over 2020 we will be watching and then discussing on a podcast one of these movies every week. The website will also have other multimedia features exploring the movies on our list. I invite you to check out our website and podcast and to join us and watch the movies along with us. (I will update this article with the URL when the website goes live this next week.)

Thank you everyone for your support. This project has been a fun adventure and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you all. Play Hard and Train On!

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