Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Day 11 - Worthy

Hans was ready to descend upon his final challenge, but something was nagging at him. While reflecting on the journey that got him where he is Hans remembered his lowest point, when he was deemed unworthy to worship at the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City. Today he felt worthy and knew that he was of great worth to those who really matter, his mom and his Pokémon family. Regardless, he decided to return to the Tin Tower. He was not completely sure why he was going back, but it felt important.

Upon arrival, he was not only welcomed in this time but also praised for being blessed enough to possess a Rainbow Wing, a symbol of Ho-oh's blessing. They mentioned how one of their disciples, a gym leader named Morty, had told them that Hans was worthy to approach and enter the Tower. Hans was tickled by the apostles complete disinterest in who he was in judging his worth instead focusing on two arbitrary pieces of information, the word of a disciple Hans had impressed in battle and an item that had been gifted to him by a grateful man. None of the faith's followers seemed at all interested in Hans himself nor did they seem to care about any of the values he had learned to
cherish over the course of his journey. Hans no longer felt sadness from his earlier rejection, because he realized he had been blindly giving his authority to people that had no genuine interest in him or his well being, but were focused on preserving their own image of the sacred. To symbolize his being above their judgement, Hans climbed to the top of the Tin tower. Once atop the tower Hans was surprised to see the bird the faithful held holy descending towards him. He caught the alleged God, again symbolically putting any symbols that belittled him in a box.

We all have great worth. You have great worth. You are worthy because you are. You are worthy of love, friendship, success, opportunity, dreams, and acceptance no matter your past or your present. Sometimes the world treats worthiness as right-thinking and rule-abiding while still using the word to refer to the personal value of individuals. This is flawed, you have value because you are a being capable of loving, thinking, caring, giving, and changing. You have worth because I care about you.

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