Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Day 4 - Lost

Chuck woke up today with a single goal in mind: Get to the Cinnabar Island Labs to assist in some fossil research. He set off from the Fuchsia City coastline and after battling off a few pesky swimmers washed up on North Seafoam Island. Given the sharp rocks surrounding and dividing the twin islands he needed to go through their connecting tunnels to reach his final destination. The Seafoam caves were much more complicated to traverse than Charles had suspected, and he quickly found himself lost. It seemed it was more difficult to cross between the islands than it was to explore them to their deepest depths, so Chuck did just that. He decided he'd help scientific discovery today in a different way then he had planned. He found an Ultra Ball and then stumbled upon the legendary bird Articuno and caught it with that one ball, the only one he had. It was practically a miracle, and all because he got lost. After such miraculous events he decided he would assist Cinnabar Labs another day and he returned to the mainland to check out the Zapdos rumors he'd heard about the Power Plant back by Lavender Town. He caught that legend too, but that one took 7 Ultra Balls to secure. Chuck may have gotten lost to start his day, but it still ended up going pretty well.

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I did not get lost today, but I do find value in sometimes letting go of our initial goals and letting life take us where it will. If I never did that I wouldn't have fallen in love with Statistics in a Poli-Sci class and who knows where my life would be. Oh also, I got drive by car puddle splash soaked on my way to the bus stop this morning. With that after yesterday's crash, I nearly turned around and went home for the day.

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