Friday, October 11, 2019

Day 13 - Pokémon Ruby Begin

Edward did not want to move to Littleroot Town, but his dad got a job in the Hoenn Region and so his family had to leave Olivine City. While in the back of the moving truck Edward hatched a plan to move back to Johto. He would take whatever odd job he could find and earn the money for a one way ticket back to Olivine, so he could go back on his own. After all he had friends in Johto and he really didn't know anyone in Hoenn. Lucky for him after doing a job for his new neighbor, Professor Birch, gave him a Mudkip as payment. Although it wasn't the cold hard cash he needed for his return trip it would help him get the jobs to fund his return trip, and that alone was something.

I am sick today. Nasty cold or something. Clogged throat, sore body, headache, high fever, always cold, pretty much the works. So blog posts will likely be smaller until I get over this thing...

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