Saturday, April 4, 2020

Covid-19 Farm - Year 1 Days 2 & 3 of Spring

This is the stream that I did during my lunch break today of Stardew Valley Day 2. Rona spent the day chopping wood and introducing herself to more residents of Pelican Town. Willy, he local fisherman seems to have taken a particular liking to Rona, he reminded Rona a bit of her grandfather... the one who did not leave her a farm in his will. The reason Rona spent so much time and energy chopping wood was in an attempt to get into the good graces of the Valley's villagers by repairing the bridge down by the beach. Elliot who lives by the beach thanked her, so she is optimistic her effort will pay off.

On a rainy day 3 of Spring Rona decided to try her luck at casting a line. She made a hike up into the mountains and caught about 10 fish before taking her haul home and heading to the beach to fish some more. There she found what looked to be a fossilized sea creature. She wasn't sure what it was and hopes she can find someone in Pelican Town that can tell her about it!

Tomorrow Rona will likely begin planning her next plot of crops now that she has some money for more seeds!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Covid-19 Farm - Year 1 Day 1 of Spring

I have begun playing a Stardew Valley file to go along with my Coronavirus quarantine. Once I am caught up with real life quarantine days I will play one day for each day of the stay at home order and we will see how far I can get. In addition I will be aiming to complete the community center in year one of this play through. I made some pretty big mistakes in my playing today but oh well. Here is the live stream from day 1 (my commentary volume is way too low I will fix that before tomorrow's stream), followed by my notes from playing.

Rona is my farmer. She has never felt she belonged which may be due to her brilliantly blue skin. She is hoping she will be able to find a place for herself among the people of Pelican Town so that she can finally have a place that feels like home. On her first day in the Valley she planted 15 Parsnip seeds, 5 Green Bean Starters, and 8 Mixed seeds she found. She also chopped wood, foraged for spring onions and other items for energy, and met each resident of Pelican Town she ran into, except for Haley who was too involved with her photography to notice her.

Tomorrow Rona thinks she will chop more wood so that she has more building supplies and she will attempt to meet more of the Valley Residents. She also still has not yet explored the northern regions of the valley. (Also my in game volume was a little loud so I will be turning that down a bit....)

Day 186 - Finished Emerald and on to Crystal

Not the LEGO content I am referring to,
but a blending of those two things...
I finished Pokémon Emerald last week on Friday and now I have moved on to the superior (in my opinion) Pokémon Crystal. In Crystal Susan, my protagonist, started with Anthony the Chikorita, and at this point he is a Meganium and is joined by Cady the Phanpy, Muscle the Machamp (from a Goldenrod in-game trade), Joslyn the Pikachu (from the Odd Egg), and Rochester the Staryu. Susan has 7 badges and is currently storming the taken over Radio Tower!

I have not updated the Emerald page or made a page for Crystal yet, but I should have time to do that this weekend. As suggested in my previous post, due to Covid-19 quarantine I have more time for projects right now so I am branching out this site and its auxiliary locations such as the YouTube channel with additional and variable content. This will include a daily Stardew Valley live stream for the duration of my quarantine, as well as some LEGO content inspired by LEGO Masters on FOX. I hope you will enjoy and check it out!