Monday, December 23, 2019

Day 86 - Malie Garden

Hot off completing her first Ula'Ula Island Trial, Nina went to Malie Garden to relax. She was laying in the grass contemplating the little information Olivia had been able to share with Nina about her mother when someone saw and recognized her. The man ran up and exclaimed to Nina how familiar she looked, "I'm Guzma, you look just like an old friend of mine! Is there any chance you know or are related to Lenora?"
Nina had no clue who he was talking about and explained to Guzma that she was adopted and did not resemble anyone in her family. Her response seemed to deflate Guzma a bit. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you more..." Nina apologized.
"You're one messed up kid! Toying with my emotions... I'm gonna destroy you!" He raged as he challenged Nina to a Pokémon battle!
After she has defeated him Guzma cried, "Yeah, yeah. I gotta admit, that was great! More than great the way you battle is familiar too! Why are you torturing me? You keep reminding me so much of Toni!"
Nina's ears perked up! Olivia had called her mom Toni while they were talking. Guzma was already walking away when Nina called after him, "Where can I find you!?"
"Come find me in Po Town and I'll be happy to beat down anytime!" Guzma replied as he mounted the Dragonite ride Pokémon before flying away.
Nina was estatic! this was a new lead to discovering the mystery of who her mother was before when she was in Alola and why she is nervous to be back!

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