Thursday, December 5, 2019

Day 68 - True Colors

Early on her adventure Christine had met Dexio and Sina. They had been very kind to her and not overbearing like some of her other new friends. Christine really liked them and had spent a decent amount of time with them and had helped them when they needed it. Recently though, Christine had really needed some help dealing with Team Flare at the Power Plant and had asked them to for that help. They told her they would help but they did not show up until the problem was dealt with, at which point they acted like they had been helpful and talked about how much Christine owed them for helping her. At first Christine gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were joking, but she knew they weren't they just did not value her the way she had valued them.  They had shown her their true colors. Christine was hurt and she kind of wished she had not asked for their help, so she could have continued believing they were her friends.

I am lucky right now to have a lot of really good and real friends that I can go to with and about anything. It is probably my favorite part about my current life situation. I love you friends!

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