Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Day 73 - Pokémon AlphaSapphire Begin

Larsen wanted fame. He wanted glory! And now that he had Pokémon of his own he could turn those dreams into goals! He was going to work his way out from his gym leader father's shadow. With Jeremy, his Torchic, by his side he would collect the Gym Badges and become the first rookie trainer to defeat the Hoenn Pokémon League!

While on his way to Rustboro to challenge his first gym he encountered a man searching for a Shroomish to catch. While Larsen helped him search the two were ambushed by a member of Team Aqua. Larsen jumped into action with Jeremy and easily protected his newfound friend. The man was so grateful he gave Larsen a small gift and as the pair walked out of Petalburg Woods together he could not stop singing praises of Larsen and Jeremy. Larsen smirked to himself, he had his first fan and it felt good.

I need to take a break from personal blog posts for a short stint. I am feeling fairly wounded and do not want to turn this into only a place that I vent my frustrations. I also do not want to passive aggressively write posts about those I feel have wounded me, I have already done that too much and this is me trying to be better. Thank you for understanding.

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