Thursday, December 12, 2019

Day 75 - One Hit Wonder

While in Slateport Larsen met Lisia, the famous Pokémon Contest Star. She randomly chose him from the crowd to sponsor as a new Coordinator in an upcoming Pokémon Contest Spectacular. Larsen was so excited! This was his big chance to finally make it big and fulfill his dreams of becoming famous. He enthusiastically entered a Cool contest with Jeremy as his Pokémon partner. It did not go well. Despite how hard Jeremy had worked for Larsen, they had lost. Larsen was disappointed. He had thought this was his chance to make it big, but it had proven much more difficult than he had anticipated. Larsen was a one hit wonder in the contest world, just not the successful kind of hit. Larsen decided to go back to challenging the Gym challenge instead.

Alissa's reaction to Lisia (to the right) was "Who is that? She looks like bubblegum!" I thought it was funny!

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