Saturday, December 14, 2019

Day 77 - Gracing the Small Screen

Larsen's run at challenging the Hoenn gyms was going quite well. The real good news was that he was beginning to be noticed. Ever since the Hoenn news team recorded him battling he had been gaining a small following. His battle was popular enough the team had found two additional times to both get updates on his progress and to record additional battle footage for the airwaves. Now that Larsen was gracing the small screen across Hoenn, he had a taste of the fame and glory he was seeking. That taste just made him hungry for more.

Sometimes you go places because others do not want you to be there and because they feed your needs. Tonight I attended my church congregation's Christmas Party despite receiving messages and information that I was not wanted or welcome there by some. I attended because there are people there that care about me and that I love, and I find fulfillment when I commune with them. I did not want to attend because of the messages I had been receiving, but I am very glad I did.

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