Monday, December 16, 2019

Day 79 - Larsen

Children and adults alike across the Hoenn Region knew Larsen's name. He had done what he set out to do and was the Hoenn League champion! He had completed his goal and found the fame he had chased! It had been a thrilling journey, nothing like he had expected when he moved to the Hoenn region and first met Jeremy! Now he wanted to take a break from the thrills of traveling and return to Littleroot with his mother. While taking a break he could write a book about his rise to the top, besides a book would help keep his name in lights a little longer!

There is no one real world Larsen. Instead it is one of my ancestral surnames, and my grandpa's middle name. Which means it is the name of past protagonist's Hans, Lucy, and Whit! Since there is no one person to write about today instead I will begin the post detailing my great great grandfather Edward, given I neglected to do a detailed post when he was my name for Pokémon Ruby. Fitting that I correct that error on the game's counterpart remake.

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