Saturday, December 21, 2019

Day 84 - Lush

Nina could hardly believe she had let this happen to herself! She had gotten herself lost in Lush Jungle. After completing the Island Trial in the Jungle she thought it would be innocent enough to explore the jungle deeper, but then she was lost. She sent Topher to fly above the trees to help find her a way out, but even with that inkling of an idea where to go the jungle was too thick and Nina was still very lost. That is she had been lost until Passimian had found her. She had found Nina and led her out of Lush Jungle. Nina was so grateful she caught the Pokémon to take with her on her adventure!

Sometime the hardest things open up opportunities for us to make new friends and to improve the friendships we already have. That has somewhat been the case recently for Alissa and I!

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