Thursday, December 19, 2019

Day 82 - A Visit with Olivia

After completing the Melemele portion of her island challenge Nina headed with Hau, Lilly, and Professor Kukui to Akala island. To everyone's surprise, they had a welcome party. Trial Captain Mallow and Island Kahuna Olivia were there waiting for them. Professor Kukui introduced everyone, but immediately after that Olivia and him ran off with something they needed to take care of. This upset Nina, she had wanted desperately to talk to Olivia. Nina remembered her mom mentioning she knew Olivia, and Nina was curious if Olivia might know anything about what her mother was hiding.

This year Alissa and I have found Christmas shopping very stressful and tedious. So tonight we went out together to a mall and bought our Christmas gifts to each other with each other and it was wonderful. We agreed to stop worrying about the surprise and just relaxed about the entire ordeal and enjoyed and evening out of the house together.

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