Thursday, November 28, 2019

Day 61 - Happy Thanksgiving

Mark was beginning to recognize how many people embraced and welcomed him. He was grateful for their care and adoration and was learning that that feeling of safety and love was a feeling of belonging. By helping his friend Hugh work to reunite his sister with her stolen Purrloin Mark was seeing the contrast of those who are not in a safe and united place and noticing he was not in that trap of desperation.

Happy Thanksgiving! Today Alissa and I hosted thanksgiving at our house for our family and 2 other families. It was great to be surrounded by friends who love us. It was wonderful to feel the loving feelings of belonging that community brings. It was a day I needed and I am grateful for it. I historically have never really liked Thanksgiving, but today was a good one. As for a few things I am grateful for...

  • My Sweet Beautiful Alissa
  • My Wonderful Friends
  • My Family
  • My Mormon Heritage
  • Having a decent, if not difficult, job
  • Our little rental house
  • My Nintendo Switch
  • Just about all things Pokémon
  • The Possibility filled Future
  • The many people who have helped me with this project
  • Vacation
  • My somewhat recent faith journey
  • You dear reader
  • So so much more

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