Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Day 38 - Pokémon Loan

Kenya was a good Spearow, but he was an even better Fearow. The only problem was that Kenya was not Whit's Pokémon. Randy, the Goldenrod City gate guard, had loaned Whit Kenya to deliver with a letter to his friend outside of Violet City. Since then Whit had been in Violet City, but could not bring himself to deliver his newly evolved friend. Instead Whit headed north to Ecruteak City, where he explored a burned tower and glimpsed some legendary beasts with Kenya. Then the two of them took on Morty to win Whit's fourth gym badge. Afterwards, Whit felt it was finally time to finish his task and deliver Kenya, but he still could not bring himself to do it. Whit was worried he might need to steal Kenya, because of how painful the thought of giving him up was.

Tomorrow Alissa and I are driving down to visit my parents. Because I will be traveling I likely will not be posting a blog post tomorrow, but on Thursday I will update you on any travel adventures I might have found myself on!

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