Sunday, November 17, 2019

Day 50 - Kicking Against the Pricks

Brigham ran into his father today. The Driftveil Gym Leader had required him to apprehend some members of Team Plasma that had stolen some local people's Pokémon. After pursuing the thieves into a Cold Storage unit Brigham was surprised to see his father among those huddling inside. He was shocked that his father seemed to be involved in such criminal activities. Likewise, Brigham's father was disappointed that Brigham was still traveling with and training Pokémon. As the authorities arrived and escorted him away in handcuffs he shouted back to his son, "Have you not witnessed the pain of the Pokémon you profess to be your friends? Do you not feel incredible guilt for confining them regularly to cage like balls and only releasing them when it suits your needs? Why do you continue kicking against the pricks of what your heart is urging you to do?" Brigham was extremely troubled by all ports of the interaction: the circumstances of it, his role in the apprehension, the words his father had spoken to him. Brigham was overwhelmed. He hoped to get to talk to his father in captivity before leaving Driftveil, but as he returned to the town square he discovered that the captured Team Plasma members, including his father had escaped and were once again at large.

The leaders of the local unit of the church I currently attend have been kicking against the pricks. There is a new training that church members who work with youth and children need to complete to help them be more aware of the warning signs of abuse. Our unit's leaders are in effect exempting people from completing the training, because it is a nuisance to have everyone complete it. This is ridiculous. And I am furious.

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