Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Day 53 - Pressure

Everyone was relying on Brigham to save the world and although Brigham was beginning to feel more secure in his convictions to keep his Pokémon by his side it was a lot of pressure. He was beginning to realize that the reason everyone was relying on him so heavily was because of their own self doubts. Cheren was unsure if he still had a reason for wanting to be a strong trainer. Bianca was unsure if she could be successful as a Pokémon Professor. The Champion, Alder, worried he was failing as champion every since one of his Pokémon friends passed away. Professor Juniper wondered if it was somehow her fault N had discovered the resting place of Zekrom before she did. Brigham's mom blamed herself for not returning to training Pokémon so that she could fight alongside her son. They all put pressure on Brigham because of their own insecurities. Somehow realizing this gave Brigham strength to push forward with his team. On to Victory Road!

I am still looking for someone who thinks #GameFreakLied to talk to me for this week's Podcast. If you are interested please reach out to me on twitter @AllGamesProject

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