Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Day 46 - Pokémon Black Begin

Brigham was raised in a house divided. His parents had met young while they were both Pokémon trainers. They bonded over their love of training and battling Pokémon. Brigham had always found the whole thing quite romantic and when he was young he had secretly hoped he would meet his wife when he eventually went on his own Pokémon journey. Then a few years ago his dad met a charismatic man named Gorm. Gorm had convinced Brigham's father that owning Pokémon was immoral and that they needed to be free. Rashly, Brigham's father released both his and his wife's Pokémon so they could be free! This caused quite a bit of a disruption in their home, Brigham's wife could not be convinced that what her husband had done was correct, but perhaps what caused the most contention was the question of whether or not young Brigham would be allowed to train his own Pokémon one day. In the end Brigham's parents split up with his father moving out, but they agreed to allow Brigham to make the decision himself. Now Brigham had a Tepig to train and he was not sure if training that Pokémon was right or wrong. He was extremely conflicted.

With this game I am going to try hard to get back into writing more interesting blog posts. With my time away from home last game was a bit spotty. I think it will be fun to explore Brigham's inner turmoil about training and battling with Pokémon, two things his parents vehemently disagree on.

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