Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Day 52 - The Same Coin

Brigham's mom referred to herself as "Senior Trainer Mom" on the phone today. It was a small thing, but Brigham still felt the pressure of choosing to continue training Pokémon behind her words. He knew she was so proud of him for all he had accomplished so far. Truth be told he loved Pokémon and felt like they were his partners, succeeding with him and not just for him. But there was still a part him that wondered if he was wrong. And then there was N, the handsome young man he had met who was leading Team Plasma on their brigade to liberate Pokémon. He seemed so sure of himself and his Pokémon friends were truly free yet still battled beside him. Was that kind of unity possible for Brigham with his Pokémon? N seemed to believe he and Brigham were two sides of the same coin. But how could that be possible? N seemed so sure of himself and Brigham felt for them to be true opposites N would need to have as much inner turmoil as he had himself.

I feel out of place in life right now. It is no fun. If you want to understand what I mean by that, then ask me personally.

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