Sunday, November 3, 2019

Day 36 - Pokémon SoulSilver Begin

Whit was bored. He always was. There really was not much to do in New Bark Town. He spent most of his days watching his friend Lyra play with her Marill. He really wanted a Pokémon of his own. Imagine his surprise when on his birthday his neighbor Professor Elm invited him over to gift him a Pokémon of his very own! His mom must've been in on it too because she gave him a Pokégear and a Trainer Card for his birthday. To cap the day off Professor Oak from the Kanto region challenged him to go on an adventure with his new Pokémon! This was going to be a great year for Whit.

I have a confession. Although Russell's story is complete I have not been able to defeat the Elite Four and Champion. It has become a real grind and slog finishing that game up. So I am moving on to this game and will give another try to the Elite Four and Champion of that game until I finish it up. My number one rule was to have fun and I was beginning to dread playing Pokémon Diamond each day, but moving on in this way should keep me motivated to keep moving forward!

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