Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Day 116 - George

George had become a completely different person. He was no longer the scared neighbor of the Champion, but he was now the Brave Hero and Champion of Galar! He had stopped Eternatus and prevented a repeat Darkest Day, and he had defeated the formerly undefeated champion Leon. When George thought about all the self doubt he had been filled with when he left Postwick, he hardly recognized himself. He had made friends and grown so much over the course of his journey!

The real George is my father. He was born near Blacksburg, Virginia (breaking my ancestral Utah pattern) while his father, Whit, worked at Virginia Tech. He is in the middle of his 11 child household. He moved with his family to Michigan when 10 years old where he spent the remainder of his adolescence. As a young adult he learned Spanish while serving a Mormon mission in Southern California before attending Brigham Young University where he met and married my mother Amy. He got an Accounting Degree and then attended the Law School. He has worked in Tax Law Accounting ever since. Wow I sure made my father sound like the most boring person ever. I guess thus far I have only described what he has done, but not who he is. My father, George, goes by Wally. he loves babies and toddlers and they love him. His biggest hobby is gardening and given the option to work in his 9 acre yard or do just about anything else he will choose to work. He loves anything related to BYU sports. He is a deeply religious man and his faith comes to the forefront in nearly every conversation he has. He is very caring and loving and is good at listening wholly, to those he sees as in need, and after listening he acts in whatever small or big ways he can to help. He is a good man. He and I are different in most ways, I feel, but are the same in the most visible ways. I look a lot like my dad and I talk like him too. I can escape the comparison, so I try to emulate him in his best ways.

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