Thursday, January 30, 2020

Day 123 - Maybe a Bit Further

Upon arriving in Vermilion City James was ecstatic! He immediately asked for directions to Diglett's Cave and headed that way. The mouth of the cave that would take him home to the conclusion of his journey sat across from the Vermilion Port. James noticed the luxurious S.S. Anne sitting in the harbor and remembered the party invitation and ticket Bill had given him. James thought a party was perhaps the perfect way to celebrate the conclusion to his journey.

While aboard the cruise liner he met some of the partying guests from around the world. Many of them were Pokémon trainers and invited James to battle. His Ivysuar Vine Whipped, his Graveler Rock and Rolled'Out, and his Pidgeot Regusted onlookers. His Pokémon preformed magnificently and won him every battle on board the ship.

After his impressive feat, other guests crowded about him asking James about his travels with Pokémon. When he explained he had two badges and that his journey was at its close people were flabbergasted. They insisted he was too talented to conclude his journey and pointed out how engaged and energetic he had been during each and every battle! Even the captain of the ship complimented him. James was surprised by their praise; perhaps he wouldn't return quite yet. After all there was a gym in Vermilion City, he might as well challenge it while he was in town.

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