Thursday, January 9, 2020

Day 103 - Mallow Special

Vilate had just completed her final Island Trial on Akala Island, with Mallow in Lush Jungle. You would think that would have her walking on cloud nine with multiple Altaria flying around her. But unfortunately for her the trial went about as poorly as she could have hoped. When she arrived and learned Mallow would have her collecting ingredients so they could cook a dish to summon the Totem Pokémon, Vilate had been intrigued. When Mallow explained that she would need to follow her clues and be careful in choosing ingredients as to not upset the wild Pokémon in the Jungle, Vilate had gotten quite excited! Finding the right one of each ingredient would be just like detective work!

Unfortunately it did not go over very well for Vilate. The Mago Berry she had collected had been so plump and juicy and even a little sticky, she had been so distracted by how good it looked she hadn't noticed the Fomantis eyeing it in the bushes. The Honey she gathered was from the most beautiful flowers, Vilate had not considered if their beauty would matter in considering the sweetness of the honey. A Comfey had considered her messing with its flowers as not sweet at all. The tree she had dug up a Big Root from under had not even been a tree at all but a Sudowoodo, how had she not noticed the face on the tree? While they were preparing the Mallow Special all 3 of the Pokémon she had upset attacked. Her own team of Pokémon were worn out by the time the Totem Lurantis arrived and Vilate had needed to use a few revives to defeat the super powerful Pokémon and to complete the trial! And she still barely won.

This whole ordeal was making Vilate double think if she had what it takes to be a detective at all.

I made some predictions for the Pokémon Direct that aired this morning. Check out that nonsense via the link!

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