Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Day 109 - Pokémon Sword Begin

George was a nobody, but his neighbors were real somebodies and that made him feel small. The champion Leon was undefeated and incredible, how would George ever measure up? And his brother Hop was so optimistic! He was surely destined for greatness! George only hoped that with his new partner Scorbunny he could somehow measure up.

So long as I finish this game by the end of this month I will have proven the case that I can complete all of the Pokémon games within a single year. That is 2 full weeks which should be more then enough time. I have projected it take 8 days and so far the longest game took me 10 playing days. I think I will be fine. Stay tuned because when I finish this game I will be announcing a few changes to this project!

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