Sunday, January 5, 2020

Day 99 - Pokémon UltraMoon Begin

Vilate wanted to be a detective when she grew up. Before moving to Alola she made a list of 3 goals that would help put her on the path to becoming one.
  1. Become a strong Pokémon Trainer
  2. Solve a mystery
  3. Assist the real authorities
Now that she was in Alola she was already much closer to completing these goals. She had recieved a Pokémon, a Popplio she named Perry,  and caught another, Orrin the Inkay. Having Pokémon was the first step to becoming a strong trainer. She also had found a mystery to solve: her new friend Lillie had a Pokémon that she was hiding. Vilate had decided she would solve the mysteries of where the Pokémon was from and why Lillie was hiding it. 

I'm back to making regular posts. Over the next week I'll get the site in order. 

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