Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Day 101 - Many Mini Mysteries

Vilate was doing well at improving as a Pokémon trainer; she had already defeated the Melemele Island Kahuna. She was having less luck solving her mystery regarding Lillie and her mysterious Pokémon. She had collected a few minor clues and had finally gotten to encounter her alien creature, but that was about all the progress she had made. Yet there was a new mystery that she had been introduced to that had things going much better for. Perhaps it is better to say mysteries. She had been introduced to the Sub-Island Challenge of collecting Totem Stickers around each of the islands. Tracking down each sticker felt like solving a minor mystery and this silly task was at least partially scratching Vilate's detective itch!

I really should not have missed making a blog post on my 100th day... It was a milestone for my blog! Oops... I'm glad things have overall gone quite smoothly for this project. I have been having quite a bit of fun so far! I am over a 3rd of the way through the games and nearly a 3rd through the year. Things have been busy, but good this week. Alissa took me to try Acro Yoga tonight, that was a crazy and strange experience.

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