Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Day 121 - Running Shoes

James's mom had sent him running shoes. It was the type of passive aggressive thing that she often would do. James liked how the shoes looked, but he was not going to run in them. Or at least that is what he had told himself. Then again he already had one gym badge and running to get a second one would get him home to his games quicker. That was the logic he used to justify running at least.

James ran to Cerulean City and ran a beeline to the Gym. He ran across the Gym's pool decks up to Misty and handily defeated her water type Pokémon with his Ivysaur. He was done! he had completed his Mother's minimum requirement and could go home. Unfortunately, Mt. Moon's Cerulean entrance was unreachable without a surfing Pokémon, which James did not have. He asked around and learned that in Vermilion City there was a tunnel dug by Digletts to Pewter City that could get him home. So he took off south towards Vermilion, he took off running.

I have been very busy and stressed lately with work and that other new project. It was meant to launch in fullness today, but we hit some technically difficulties. The website is live, but the first episodes will launch sometime tomorrow... If you want to visit the mostly empty website it is: ShiftingExpectations.com

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