Thursday, January 16, 2020

Day 110 - Pokémon Red Begin

My starter choices for nearly every
game came from this image.
Forest was a non-stop person. When he started something he worked hard at it until it was done. What did that mean for him when he received a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak? It meant he was going to work hard until he was the best Pokémon trainer there was. Nothing was going to get in his way to achieving that goal! Jungle was already a Venusaur, and he was studying his opponents to know how to best complement his lead and round out his team. He had already caught a Mankey, but he had only just begun.

Pokémon Sword is on the Switch, and I have decided to not take it on my commute with me. If the system fit better into a pocket I would take it, but it doesn't. In its place I am also playing through Pokémon Red while out of the house and will play Pokémon Sword when at home. While playing these two games concurrently I will trade off on which story I post about. I was originally meant to begin with Pokémon Red so hopefully the game saves consistently this go through... so far no issues, but I am nervous.

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