Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Day 102 - Phyco and Soliera

Vilate had met a lot of people since moving to and traveling across Alola, but no one seemed more interesting to her than Phyco and Soliera. These two people wore clothing that covered all their skin  completely except their mouths, and they discussed Pokémon as if they were only things to be feared. They were full of questions, but not too keen to answer the questions about where they came from when Vilate asked. They seemed so otherworldly Vilate couldn't help but wonder if they were somehow connected to the mystery around Nebby, Lillie's strange Pokémon. It was a lead Vilate had to follow.

Before tomorrow's Pokémon Direct I wanted to publicly declare that I think Game Freak will not release a mainline Pokémon game in the year 2020. That means no Diamond Pearl Remakes, no Gen 9, and no SwSh Deluxe versions. I think they will take the year off. In 2021 I predict they will release SwSh Deluxe editions, probably called MaxSword and MaxShield (MSMS), and in 2022 they will release diamond Pearl Remakes, likely called EternalDiamond and CelestialPearl (EDCP) or something like that. This is all recorded now so that if I am at all correct I will be considered a Pokémon savant of sorts. Also, by tomorrow morning the website's extra detail pages should be caught up to my current play status.

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