Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Day 149 - Prank Song

Everything was going swimmingly for Martha. She had 5 gym badges, including her very own father's badge. She also was still succeeding in pranking her neighbor out of a father, and he had a crush on him to boot. Things could not be going better for her, which is why she could not help herself from singing a little ditty to herself as she made her way East from Mauville.

I want to do the greatest prank,
Like no one ever has.
To steal a Dad is my real test,
To trick them is my cause!
I will travel across the land,
Research Pokémon.
To butter up Proffessor Birch
To catch him in my con!
Martha's Prank!
A new family,
So clueless they will be!
Martha's Prank!
Brendan, my new friend,
He's my brother in the end!
Martha's Prank!
I'll trick them all,
They'll be at my beck and call!
I'll prank you and you're the fool,
A fake family!
A new family!

She was happy as a clampearl.

How do you like my prank song spook on the original Pokémon theme song?

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