Thursday, February 13, 2020

Day 136 - Dad?

Hot off of her win at the Dewford gym Martha was feeling great! Things only got better when she saw Professor Birch in the distance. "Hey Dad." she greeted him, before feigning embarrassment and adding "I mean Professor... I am so sorry. I just look up to you in the same way I look up to my father."

"Ha ho ho!" Birch bellowed his jovial laugh.  "Not to worry I'm sure you just miss your father being away from him while on your adventure. Anyways have you seen my Brendan?"

Martha was elated, this could not have happened more perfectly. Not only had she planted the father seed, Brendan was failing at his sonly duties. She agreed to help the Professor in his stead and knew her prank was working! She was replacing her new friend fastest than she had anticipated.

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