Monday, February 17, 2020

Day 140 - Caught "Dad" Handed

Martha was feeling pretty great about her prank's success so far. Brendan was not. He witnessed from a distance Martha's last attempt schmoozing his father with her manipulative words, and he was going to confront her about it. But first he needed to take her down a peg with a Pokémon battle! At least that is what he tried to do, but she outmaneuvered him and soundly beat his team. He was furious. "First you try to take my Dad and then you thrash me at Pokémon! Why are you trying to take everything you love away from me?!" Martha burst into tears and Brendan was immediately filled with guilt. Martha apologized through her tears that she never meant to hurt anyone and that she had just been feeling homesick and alone since moving to Hoenn. Brendan was immediately filled with guilt. "I am so sorry." he professed. "I will always be around for you if you need someone to talk to." he reassured her, "You can count on me to be a friend." He was able to comfort and calm her before they parted ways.

Tears always worked, Martha thought to herself as she watched Brendan ride away on his bike. Now things were a bit more complicated, but Martha loved a difficult prank. She just needed to step up her manipulation game a little bit.

I maybe got a little behind on posts... And I also may be a little behind on playing too.

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