Monday, February 3, 2020

Day 126 - Flying Home

This was a surreal moment for James. He was soaring through the sky atop a prehistoric Pokémon, flanked by a storm of ice, a cloud of lightning, and a ball of fire! He had not even wanted to leave Pallet Town and now he was on his way back with a most majestic posse. And he was not even going there to stay, he was going there to show off and to make his mother proud. He had been constantly changing his plans and telling himself "I will just do this one more thing before returning home" as a way of lying to himself about how much he was enjoying traveling with Pokémon. He was finally ready to embrace it all. He needed only one more badge before he could take on the Indigo League himself!

What are you lying to yourself about? Me, myself? I regularly lie to myself about how much I am trying to figure out my next step in life. I am unsatisfied in my current situation, but am afraid of the unknown associated with the options I have for the future. I need to do more work to know my next steps.

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