Sunday, September 29, 2019

Day 1 - Pokémon Blue Begin

Last night on my Birthday as I made final preparations I found out the copy Pokémon Red I bought was faulty. So... instead of starting where it all began I started a little later with Pokémon Blue. This changes the Schedule slightly, I will update that soon. I have created a page with progress details for Blue Version. Anyways here is how things went today:

Today Charles began his Pokémon Journey. His mom lamented her baby's departure from the home, but it was time for him to make a team of his own. He first found Jean, a talented but rash Charmander, with Jean he overcame his childhood rival Blue not once but thrice. Together they found the naughty male Nidoran Kevin. Kevin and Jean defeated the Pewter Gym leader despite their low levels (13 each). Jean later evolved into a Charmeleon before being joined by Hank the Paras and Bobby the Meowth. Kevin than left the team in a trader for Spot the female Nidoran. After eating some candy and learning the move Leech Life Hank made short work of the Cerulean City Gym while baby Bobby took a break in the day-care.

A portion of today's play time I streamed on YouTube.

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