Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day 186 - Finished Emerald and on to Crystal

Not the LEGO content I am referring to,
but a blending of those two things...
I finished Pokémon Emerald last week on Friday and now I have moved on to the superior (in my opinion) Pokémon Crystal. In Crystal Susan, my protagonist, started with Anthony the Chikorita, and at this point he is a Meganium and is joined by Cady the Phanpy, Muscle the Machamp (from a Goldenrod in-game trade), Joslyn the Pikachu (from the Odd Egg), and Rochester the Staryu. Susan has 7 badges and is currently storming the taken over Radio Tower!

I have not updated the Emerald page or made a page for Crystal yet, but I should have time to do that this weekend. As suggested in my previous post, due to Covid-19 quarantine I have more time for projects right now so I am branching out this site and its auxiliary locations such as the YouTube channel with additional and variable content. This will include a daily Stardew Valley live stream for the duration of my quarantine, as well as some LEGO content inspired by LEGO Masters on FOX. I hope you will enjoy and check it out!

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